Using the Blur Tool in Photoshop

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Let’s make this bug the focal point of this photo using the field blur tool!

open the image in photoshop
click Filter –> Blur Gallery —> field blur

Screen Shot 2016-09-16 at 9.27.23 AM.png

When you’re in the field blur window, you’ll notice two points that will act as the focal point and direction of blur. Play around with the two points, this isn’t intuitive and may take some time to get used to.


I didn’t notice this before, but this bug is being eaten.  :O





Photoshop for Beginners / Photography

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– Make a portrait  –

Photography Principles (ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed)



For the Beginners:

Open Photoshop.
Go to File on the top menu>Open>Search your image.

Click on this link and follow on the following tutorials:
a. Make sure your frame is correct. Go to: 4. Crop and Straighten, Using Crop Tool.
b. Make sure the light of your photograph is well balanced. Go to 7. Brightness and Contrast, and watch “Automatic Brightness/Contrast” and “Custom Brightness/Contrast.”
If you want to go further, I recommend you to use the tool “Curves.” Go to Image on the top menu>Adjustments>Curves.

Selection Tools  

How to integrate an image: 

File>Open>Select your image that you want to use as background. Here use “interior_background.jpg.” 


 Then, File>Place Embedded>Select the image that you want to incorporate. Here use the image below:


 To modify your image:

Go to Edit>Transform>Use the several tools as “Distort”, “Perspectives” to make it.

Let’s play some more!

Create a face with veggie food. 

 Download the image below and use the following selections tools: 

– Lasso 

– Quick Selection 

– Plume 


For the advanced students:

1. Improve the light/color/frame of your photographs.
2. Please go to this link and start to work on it by following the tutorial. I will send you the exercises files by email.

Making a Pattern in Photoshop

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How to make a pattern:

  1. open new document in illustrator
  2. name that file – “name_of_new_pattern”
  3. use illustrator/design template
  4. set 200 x 200 pixels
  5. once open – set grid preferences. Illustrator CC — Preferences –guides and grid
  6. set guidelines and colors
  7. View — show grid & snap to grid
  8. use entire art board to create shapes for patterns
  9. use color swatches from picture selected to create patterns
  10. once pattern is complete: Object — pattern –make
  11. name your pattern! set options!
  12. go to swatches panel: use library icon — select save swatches
  13. save this swatch! title it!
  14. close project

Once you’ve created a few patterns:

  1. Take an image of a space / object or take an image from the internet
  2. copy and save that image someplace sage
  3. place the image as a template into a new illustrator art board
  4. hit the library icon: select other libraries — select .ai file with swatch
  5. pattern should appear in the swatches panel
  6. use it/them as a fill for your image for different objects