Making a Pattern in Photoshop

This is the excerpt for a featured content post.


How to make a pattern:

  1. open new document in illustrator
  2. name that file – “name_of_new_pattern”
  3. use illustrator/design template
  4. set 200 x 200 pixels
  5. once open – set grid preferences. Illustrator CC — Preferences –guides and grid
  6. set guidelines and colors
  7. View — show grid & snap to grid
  8. use entire art board to create shapes for patterns
  9. use color swatches from picture selected to create patterns
  10. once pattern is complete: Object — pattern –make
  11. name your pattern! set options!
  12. go to swatches panel: use library icon — select save swatches
  13. save this swatch! title it!
  14. close project

Once you’ve created a few patterns:

  1. Take an image of a space / object or take an image from the internet
  2. copy and save that image someplace sage
  3. place the image as a template into a new illustrator art board
  4. hit the library icon: select other libraries — select .ai file with swatch
  5. pattern should appear in the swatches panel
  6. use it/them as a fill for your image for different objects







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