Photoshop for Beginners / Photography

This is the excerpt for a placeholder post.


– Make a portrait  –

Photography Principles (ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed)



For the Beginners:

Open Photoshop.
Go to File on the top menu>Open>Search your image.

Click on this link and follow on the following tutorials:
a. Make sure your frame is correct. Go to: 4. Crop and Straighten, Using Crop Tool.
b. Make sure the light of your photograph is well balanced. Go to 7. Brightness and Contrast, and watch “Automatic Brightness/Contrast” and “Custom Brightness/Contrast.”
If you want to go further, I recommend you to use the tool “Curves.” Go to Image on the top menu>Adjustments>Curves.

Selection Tools  

How to integrate an image: 

File>Open>Select your image that you want to use as background. Here use “interior_background.jpg.” 


 Then, File>Place Embedded>Select the image that you want to incorporate. Here use the image below:


 To modify your image:

Go to Edit>Transform>Use the several tools as “Distort”, “Perspectives” to make it.

Let’s play some more!

Create a face with veggie food. 

 Download the image below and use the following selections tools: 

– Lasso 

– Quick Selection 

– Plume 


For the advanced students:

1. Improve the light/color/frame of your photographs.
2. Please go to this link and start to work on it by following the tutorial. I will send you the exercises files by email.

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